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Gigs & Recordings

Charlie Osborn, Charlie and the Funk Factory

Keyboardist & bandleader

"It was a pleasure to have Mikey play trumpet with my band. A professional, reliable musician I'd recommend to anyone and a lovely person to boot." - August 3rd, 2021

Francis Gryspeerdt, Atlantic Blue Quintet

Saxophonist & bandleader

"I’ve had the pleasure of involving Mikey in my Jazz Quintet several times in recent months doing live gigs in the London area. Mikey is passionate about their music and arrives at gigs in good time and ready to co-front line the band in a highly effective trumpet/sax pairing.

We often get little or no rehearsing time so adaptability and a ‘fit in' attitude are crucial. Mikey is a very competent reader so on tunes not committed to memory they can be relied upon to fill the role of lead trumpet irrespective of what jazz style each number belongs to. In the jazz space Mikey plays naturally across more traditional styles into modern and funky sub-genres.

When it comes to taking solos Mikey has the gift of playing accurately and melodically and the all important structuring and developing of a solo; building energy and entertainment and tension. I’ve noticed they get a really appreciative audience response and they're getting a name for stand out playing on the jazz circuit.

Mikey is a really competent and inventive player who’s new on the scene in my area. They're also a collaborative and helpful band member and I’d recommend them to anyone who wants to bring in some trumpet excellence." - June 13th, 2020

Sarah King, Sarah L King Quintet

Vocalist & bandleader

"An exciting performer, Mikey's playing is adventurous and their energy infectious. Not only are they enthusiastic to different genres such as funk and soul, but they also just get such a damned assured tone from their instrument!" - April 22nd, 2020


Peter Roddis


"I have had lessons with Mikey for 18 months so far. They have really lifted my playing level and understanding and helped me get a merit at ABRSM Grade 8. They always have great advice for improvements or different ways to think about the music we're working on which clearly comes from a place of deep understanding and experience of playing and appreciating music. At the end of our lessons I'm always inspired to progress further which is great for my motivation and enjoyment." - August 30th, 2021

Martha Dean

Trumpet & improvisation

"I was lucky enough to receive lessons from Mikey, mainly in jazz, but also for some classical work, during my final year of studying Music at Durham University. From the get go, I was excited to learn from them; my first lesson left me feeling the most inspired I had been in years. Not only did Mikey offer a plethora of technical advice that improved my playing, but they also worked with me on my confidence, especially in the weeks leading up to my final recital. Mikey always listened and adapted to my needs, providing a refreshing teaching experience that allowed me to grow as both a person and a player." - August 11th, 2021

Sam Williams

Trumpet & improvisation

"Mikey is a fantastic tutor. They are an excellent trumpet player, a great teacher, and a lovely person. They are particularly good at isolating single concepts, such as breathing, tonguing, phrasing, soloing, and sharing their expansive learning on these concepts, in a way that is perfectly suited to your level of playing. Most of all, I really enjoy our classes together. I would recommend them to anyone!" - April 27th, 2020

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